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Warning Signs Showing That Your House Needs A New Roof

Roof is the most important yet the most neglected area of the house. I mean think when was the last time you have given a close look at the roof of your house? I am sure that was when the house was under construction. Well, undoubtedly the roofs can go a decade or two without causing any trouble but after that, it is required to inspect the roof of your house every now and then in order to save yourself some time and investment.

Without regular inspection, you never know when the house is undergoing problems and it will soon become a major problem which can be quite expensive for you as well. Therefore it is always good to call in the new roof Ann Arbor Michigan contractors to get a close professional inspection of the roof of your house so that you may know when the roof is close to become a trouble for you in a timely manner.

Warning Signs Showing That Your House Needs a New Roof:

The inspection process is usually free but sometimes the roofing contractors demand money for inspecting. However, you can look for the warning signs that the roof of your house is giving you in order to cut the inspection process to save yourself some dollars. Below are listed some warning signs showing that your house needs a new roof:

  1. Dark Ceiling Spots:

Give a close attention to the ceiling of your house. Did you see any dark spots on the ceilings or near corners? The ceiling spots are a sign of moisture problem and it is a major one when it comes to roof. The moisture in the roof can be caused because of a number of reasons. They can be either due to leaking roof or moisture trapped inside the roof frame. No matter what the issue is, this is a big sign for roof replacement.

  1. Rotting of Roof Shingles:

The shingles also give you some warning signs regarding the roof of your house. When the shingles of the roof start curling or turning, it is sign that the roof is rotting. This may be caused due to mold or algae growth within the roof, another problem caused by moisture that calls for roof replacement.

  1. Roof Buckling:

The buckling of roof is another warning sign that you need to replace the roof as soon as possible.