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Tips and Tricks to Refurbish Garden Furniture

To make your old garden furniture set look new Garden Furniture again takes just some simple steps. A lot of time, furniture that sits out in the sun, or is exposed to rain will eventually become damaged. Exposure to the sun all through the Garden Furniture summer month, for example, can cause cushions to fade while unpredictable summer hailstorms and August rain showers Garden Furniture can cause steel and aluminum to rust. If you live in a part of the country that is prone to this kind of weather condition, you want to pay close attention.

If your garden furniture is starting to look drab and dingy, and make it just Garden Furniture needs to be spruced up a big, there are ways to do that without spending a lot of money. In fact, this may be a great solution so you don’t spend a lot of money on new furniture. If you’re dealing with old, dreary patio furniture, there are plenty of ways to Garden Furniture give your outdoor garden furniture set a fresh look without having to eat the cost of buying a whole new set.

Follow these easy steps for a convenient way to Garden Furniture save your old outdoor furniture and make it look new again:

Clean it, Is your patio furniture made mostly of steel, wood, plastic, Garden Furniture aluminum or wicker? Depending on the type, you want to choose a cleaning product compatible with the furniture’s material to remove any dirt or grime. For instance, metal furniture can be buffed with steel wool while plastic furniture can be wiped down with diluted bleach and a rag. If you have Garden Furniture wicker furniture, this can be cleaned with a damp rag and a little of oil soap.

Perhaps re-upholster, You may want to consider having the furniture re-upholstered, or doing it yourself. This will save you money and create a whole new fresh, summery look for your patio. Simply Garden Furniture strip off the older fabric to expose the frame, replace the padding and then sew in new fabric panels. If you have furniture with removable cushions, that’s an even bigger time-saver. Many stores sell replacement cushions in different sizes, patterns and colors at reasonable Garden Furniture price points.

Stain, paint or spray paint, If you have wooden furniture, freshen up the look with bright, summery paint colors or choose a stain that matches the rest of the patio’s decor. In addition, wicker Garden Furniture can be dyed, stained or painted, and metal furniture is fairly easy to spray paint. It may be too late to pull your patio furniture out of storage and get it ready for the fun summer months, but you can certainly get started in preparation for the next time Garden Furniture you want to use it, which may be in the fall.