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The Art Side of Antique Wood Flooring

Antique wood flooring is expensive often costing two to three Wood Flooring times more than conventional hardwood flooring materials. Available in finished or un-finished surfaces, antique flooring is often Wood Flooring considered as a premiere hardwood floor covering seen in upper income level homes adding elegance and profound ambiance that cannot be duplicated by any other available hardwood flooring material. Due to increased awareness and ecological preservation of the environment, antique wood flooring uses Wood Flooring only natural re-claimed wood species, saving trees and forest preservation, vital to the existence of natural habitat and endangered animal surroundings. Due to increased popularity of hardwood floors, manufacturers continue to meet the demand for a Wood Flooring more durable and effective means of floor covering that is eco-friendly, cost effective and above all else health conscious.

Looking to create earth-friendly interiors of homes and Wood Flooring businesses, manufacturers have begun a recycling process using antiquated wood from old, dilapidated structures, there-by reclaiming the past with the invention of a new hardwood flooring sensation that continues to be one of the most popular hardwood flooring materials available  Wood Flooring today. With increased interest in antique flooring by consumers, the following facts should be taken into consideration when selecting a specific flooring material:

  1. Different grades of antique hardwood flooring are similar to other grades of lumber
  2. Hardwood flooring is the most “coveted” wood currently used in Wood Flooring flooring applications
  3. Antique wood flooring is for the most part, pine
  4. Knot-free, antique wood flooring boards command a higher price per square foot
  5. Antique wood flooring is available in finished or unfinished surfaces and can be stained or Wood Flooring clear coated to preserve the integrity of wood grains and patterns

As a whole, the country we call home is deep in heritage Wood Flooring and tradition. Once unsettled and uncertain, this great Nation has endured hardships and calamities that have resulted in the destruction of other countries, however we remain strong and defiant. Rooted deep into yesteryears structures, materials used for construction of personal Wood Flooring residences were milled by primitive means but quality constructed withstanding decades of extreme weather conditions. These structures scheduled for demolition, without thought to the heritage that is contained within the four walls, have been discovered to contain some of the most valuable resources for reuse in present times, with restoration of the past and the natural beauty that only time could create. The Wood Flooring unparalleled beauty of antique wood flooring is at best, hard to describe and must be experienced in person.

True appreciation of the elegance of finely restored antique flooring is more than a selection, it is a restoration Wood Flooring of the past. With rustic charm and warm character, antique wood flooring is more than a hardwood flooring material. Antique wood flooring is a story of the past, a story of survival and hardships that were overcome under extreme conditions. With heritage abounding Wood Flooring throughout antique hardwood flooring clearly depicted in the unusual wood grains and patterns, antique flooring is majestic in appearance, yet remaining silent speaking only through the individual purchaser that has recognized the Wood Flooring beauty that lies within each individual piece.