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Security Flyscreen-Type Products Keep Out More than Just Flies

Not only do flyscreens keep out flies but security screening products today are also designed for home security. For example, aluminium security screening is ideal for Australian weather conditions as well as preventing home intrusions. Aluminium perforated sheets, which are securely retained in extruded aluminium frames, make this possible. Not only does the screen supply security but it also provides corrosion resistance and keeps out flies.

Clarity of Vision

That is because screens of this type utilise a 1.6mm thick aluminium sheet that, again, is perforated and powder-coated to specific standards. In turn, the sheet is retained in its frame with a riveted retention system. As a result, the screen offers clarity of vision whilst keeping a home private and secure.

Where the Screens Are Used

Quality test performances on these kinds of screens show that they make the grade for the knife shear test, jemmy test, and dynamic impact test. All the screening products are also custom-built to measure to a customer’s exact standards. The premium screens are used on hinged doors, sliding doors, windows, balustrades, and fencing.

Making a Selection

So, when reviewing your choices of Mandurah flyscreens and security doors, you may want to consider this all-inclusive product. All the fixings for the security screens are covered with an adaptor that ensures a cleanly-finished and smooth result. When these kinds of screens are selected, you can match the colour of the doors or window screens to the existing architecture. A full range of powder-coated colours with anodised finishes are offered for use.

Stainless Steel Screens

You may also consider security screening made of stainless steel. The higher-quality types of screens do not require any form of mechanical fixings, including screws, to secure the mesh inside the perimeter frame. Therefore, unlike screw-clamped designs, the potential for corrosion via metal contact is reduced. These types of security screens are used for the following applications:

  • Hinged doors
  • Patio enclosures
  • Sliding doors
  • Windows
  • Pool fences
  • Emergency escapes
  • Security screening

An Array of Colour Choices

Just as aluminium screens, these products are custom-built and sized to a customer’s precise requirements. The doors for the screens can also be constructed by incorporating aluminium federation-style cast panels for a more classic appearance. Also, just as with the aluminium screens, you can choose from a wide range of powder-coated colours with anodised finishes.

Traditional Good Looks and Enhanced Security

Federation-style security screens and doors are typically featured in a front entry. Therefore, they are the first line of defence from intrusion. When the doors use stainless steel in their design and aluminium cast panels, they combine traditional good looks with enhanced security.

Do Not Become the Target of a Thief

Needless to say, both of the above-mentioned screens can enhance the looks of your home in Australia as well as offer the needed privacy, security, and comfort. Homes that do not feature security screens or doors become easy targets for thieves. Also, if homeowners do not upgrade their locks, they can increase their chances of a break-in or burglary.

Make Sure Your Home Is Fully Secure

Whilst your home should be a welcoming and inviting place, it also should be secure and safe. Talk to a security door and flyscreen specialist today about your options.