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Possible Health Risks Of Damp Basements

Damp basement must not be ignored. Why? Well, simply because there might be certain dangers associated with damp basement. These dangers might include health related matters as well as deterioration to the structure. If the basement is wet it could ruin electrical fixtures. It might as well create rotted wood that could lead to foundation damage. Mold would most of the time grow in damp spaces therefore causing respiratory problems, pro-longed flu-like symptoms and allergies.

Health Dangers of Damp Basements

Those that are living in a house having damp basement might be susceptible to certain numbers of health issues. This might be due to the existence of this black mold that might form into a wet basement and might be had to perceive. Breathing disorders like asthma might be due to damp basement. Respiratory issues might be accompanied through an onset of the allergies which are indeed steady than seasonal.

There are also times, people living with damp basement might experience flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, coughing and runny nose. If the mold in the damp basement is the cause of these symptoms they might last for a longer period of time. And it might not respond most of the time with the over-the-counter treatments. It might be hard to identify whether the symptoms are result of a virus or a mold exposure.

Aside from health-related issues, damp basements could also lead to the following situations:


Leaky basement might cause flooding to happen and an unusual amount of standing water into the basement might lead to destruction of some electrical components. Heating as well as air conditioning equipment which is exposed to this standing water might be unsafe to use or inoperable.  And once there is flood, some appliances and devices might as well be damaged.

House Support

There are homes that are built with support beams overhead and these beams could be rotten once they are exposed to great moisture. And because of this, houses having damp basement might experience support beam deterioration leading for the foundation to crumble and so unsafe.

And there might be other risks that could be associated with damp basements only that the above mentioned ones are indeed important. If you want to avoid possible health risks associated with damp basements then basement waterproofing Toronto could be best considered. You don’t want to risk the health of your family and loved ones, right? If yes then avoiding having damp basement must strictly be observed.