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Modern Landscaping Solutions: Enhancing Your Property without Breaking the Bank!

As a prudent homeowner, you probably recognise the importance of preserving your property in this day and age. With fluctuating stock markets and inconsistent lending rates, protecting your property’s resale value is truly the only way to insulate yourself from the vicissitudes of modern mortgages. Therefore, you likely facilitate minor repairs, décor updates, and general cleaning from time to time, all in an effort to maintain the value of your home. However, even after thoroughly cleaning your property and touching up minor elements, you still might feel a bit demoralised about its curb appeal. While those generic upkeep habits are great for maintaining your property, they don’t really do much to bolster its resale value or affect a new thematic style. Instead of spending money on superfluous upgrades, such as decorative ornaments or a new set of furniture, it would be much wiser to invest in a functional landscaping project that will leave the entire neighbourhood stewing in jealousy.

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future and wish to increase its listing price or simply want to have a better-looking yard, you should consider revamping your home’s landscaping features. This article will review the two most affordable landscaping renovations you can perform in this day and age.

Backyard Pond

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your property, fulfil a lifelong love of water, or bring back childhood memories, a quaint garden pond is the perfect solution. With a sturdy shovel and a starter’s kit, you’ll be able to create a relaxing outdoor area in what would otherwise just be wasted space. To complete the project, you’ll need to excavate a hole, level the edges, line the pond, and install a viable pool pump. After filling your new pond with water, you’ll need to landscape the area with stones, mulch, and a sustainable fertiliserso get some bags of compost in Thirsk. Before you know it, you’ll have a thriving natural retreat tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main road!

Current garden pond owners have attested that street noise is significantly reduced when lounging near the pond, especially if it has a running waterfall feature. A garden pond feature will attract new wildlife and plants into your yard as well, providing variety to your surroundings.

Stone Path

Accenting your walkways with a stone path is a great way to bolster your home’s curb appeal. First, you’ll clear the boundaries of the path and remove all vegetation from the area. You’ll then lay down about two inches of levelling sand and set the stones in place. You can use decorative bark, pebbles, or ornamental gravel to completely cover the levelling sand. In one short day of work, you’ll be able to completely reconfigure your outdoor area without forking over a fortune!

DIY versus Contractor

As you consider these two landscaping projects, along with a host of other ideas, you’ll probably have an inclination to call a contractor for some help, which is entirely fine. However, as contractors tend to be fairly expensive, it’s important to prepare yourself from a budgetary standpoint. Therefore, purchasing your mulch, compost, sand, gravel, and building aggregates ahead of time is highly recommended, for it will allow you to purchase products in bulk without having to go through a contractor’s supplier. This way, you’ll have most of the required materials on hand and you’ll be able to avoid paying the contractor’s mark-up on supplies.