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Keeping Wood Flooring Good as New

Beautiful flooring can be elegant as can be if you know how to handle the cleaning. There’s nothing beats the floor if it’s sparkly good as new. That’s what most homemaker’s objective every time there’s a need of maintaining and improving.  Especially if kids and pets are roaming around and doing stuffs the dirtiest way. You would be anxious how you are going to make the wooden floors looked like originally furnished. The solutions could be somewhere and it’s up to you to decide and work. Even the simplest cleaning tricks can do the job without hassling yourself. And the most chosen options must be easy and affordable, aside from mechanical cleaning, that might be found right inside your home.

The Cleaning

As you start cleaning, always move objects and furniture so that all the hidden area can be cleansed. Just make sure you lift the object to avoid scratches and marks. You might get to invest in furniture pads for floor protection.

Dry Mop or Vacuum Cleaned

These two ways can be beneficial in cleaning. Even the dirt in between the wood planks can be removed that if not cleaned, it will contribute to the fast ageing of the wood. If your floor is polyurethaned type, it’s ok to use a damp mop soaked in a dishwashing liquid, then wring it until there’s no excess water left. Stroke the mop smoothly. Don’t press it too hard, for it could wither the coat shine of the wood. But for some lacquered or shellacked better not use water, it could be the contributing factor the wood would bucked.

If you use cloth for stroking, opt for a much absorbent type. This would remove any soap residue and lessen the moisture of mopping. But if you would notice there’s no glow effect or sparkling, that’s the time you’ll use a manufacture-based wood-cleaner that safe from any unacceptable reaction.

Additional Tips

Hardwood can maintains its “new look” by adding some ideas of screening and coating. These ways are the easiest technique for floor restoration. This method can be done annually and it goes the floor well revitalized and protected after applying.

Other than screening and coating, a help from a mechanical floor buffer can do wonders. It should be operated in a consistent manner to see the best results and make sure that buffer pads are regularly changed. And if your floor is protected by old sealant such as shellac and varnish, and you wish to make it removed, sanding is also the best option.

Sanding is a method to remove any kinds of sealant and floor impurities. And once sanding is finished, you can use other waxing and other sealant alternatives.