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Industrial Water Blasting and Its Many Applications

A considerable amount of money is spent by industrial organisations on the maintenance of machines. Water blasting is one of the most common services that is used by companies throughout New Zealand. Water blasting, also known as hydro-cleaning, is a very common procedure which basically includes blasting water at very high pressures to decontaminate surfaces, as well as for maintenance purposes. Simply put, high pressure water can be used for a variety of different reasons, such as removing mould, grime, paint, hardened mud, and much more from any surface. Certain things, such as chewing gum, tend to stick very firmly to surfaces, making them impossible to remove without damaging the surface itself. However, thanks to hydro-cleaning, all of these contaminants can be removed from the surface.

The Hydro-Cleaning Process

The process of industrial water blasting is actually quite simple. Water is stored in a pressurised container and is released through a pipe with a burst tip at very high pressures. A mechanical pressure washer is required for carrying out the process with proper care, and experienced professionals are needed to handle the job. The water blast is aimed at the surface and gently moved around to remove contaminants. The pressure can be adjusted depending upon the kind of surface on which the work needs to be done.


There are hundreds of different applications where water blasting is required. For starters, it is perfect for pipe and tank descaling. Hard water is commonly used in many different industries, and it leaves behind residue while passing through the pipes and sitting in the tanks. Hard water is basically water that has a very high mineral content, such as increased limestone crystals and chalk. These get deposited along the sides of the tank and the pipes over time, thus reducing the amount of space available for the water to flow freely. However, due to the sheer force with which water is blasted through the pipes in the hydro-cleaning process, these limestone deposits can be quickly removed. It is ideal for onshore and offshore tanks and doesn’t cost a great deal of money to perform either, making it an ideal solution for most businesses.

Paint Removal

Removing hardened paint off of any surface is tremendously difficult. Simply scraping the paint off can cause damage to the surface directly, which is why water blasting is the next best option. Water blasting is used for removing paint from airplanes as well as boats. It can be used on rockets to remove the explosive fuel washout and for reconditioning purposes. Water blasting is also commonly required in the oil industry for removing paraffin washout and the residue left behind by crude oil. It is also used for hydrostatic cleaning and testing of the pipes, hoses, and fittings on oil rigs. There are numerous companies that currently offer water blasting services throughout the country, and you can request estimates from different companies to get a better idea of how much it will cost you, after which you can then make a decision.