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Everything You Need To Know About Getting New Pavement

The pavement on the driveway of your property needs to be repaired every few years. Driveways are constantly exposed to different atmospheric elements such as rainfall, the dangerous UV rays from the sun, as well as the lack of humidity in the air. If you do not properly maintain your pavement, it won’t take long before cracks begin to appear on the surface of the pavement. On top of that, another common issue that can arise with the driveway is potholes.

A pothole is typically known as a small depression in the road. It’s usually caused due to excessive wear and tear and a lack of maintenance on any property. Understanding how a pothole occurs is important before you try to fix it. A pothole is generally formed on any surface that’s made of concrete or asphalt. It usually occurs when water seeps under the surface of the driveway. The water underneath creates an excessive amount of moisture, thus causing the upper surface to literally sink into the ground.

As a result, you will need to get repair work done on the pavement from time to time. There are plenty of local paving contractors in Newcastle. They offer a variety of different services to homeowners throughout the city, such as building patios, cleaning and sealing concrete surfaces, building new driveways, and constructing pavement on any road. Here are some important things that you should know about the work that these guys do.

New Pavement Construction

If you notice a lot of potholes in your driveway or on the pavement leading up to your house, you can call in a professional company to help you with maintenance. They will send over a team to your place to take measurements of the area to be covered, and to give you a quote based on the surface area to be paved and the paving material to be used. You should know that there are several varieties of concrete and asphalt available, so the costs will vary depending on the quality of material that you choose.


If your driveway or patio pavement has seen a bit of wear and tear, it might not be necessary to get the whole thing replaced. Instead, it would be better to contact a repair company to get the job done. The potholes will be filled up and the company will apply patches on different areas of the driveway to seal them shut. Repair work is obviously not as costly as replacement, and the costs generally vary depending upon the extent of damage.

Ideally, you should get a new pavement installed every seven to eight years. It will help keep your property looking fresh and new, and will also ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your property isn’t compromised. Before you hire any paving contractor for the job, it’s important that you check the company’s profile online. It’s best to request quotes from two or three different companies in the region so that you can get the best prices.